A Somali lawmaker shot dead in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU A Somali lawmaker has been shot dead on Tuesday in Mogadishu by unidentified assailants, the second MP to be assassinated in the capital in the past 48 hours, KON reports.

Abdiaziz Isack Mursal, the MP was attacked near his house in Mogadishu’s Dharkenley district by the Gunmen armed with pistols and shot him in the head and chest in several times that led to his immediate death on the spot, Witnesses said.

He was killed on his way to a parliament session at the country’s national assembly in Somalia’s Mogadishu, where militants of Al shabaab brushed off from their strongholds in south have been pouring into over the last few weeks, security officials said.

Perpetrators have been reported to swiftly run away from the crime scene a few minutes before, police of Dharkenley administration has arrived in the crime scene where the legislator  has been gunned down, as they have started investigation

No group has yet claimed the responsibility for murdering of elder and the police of Dharkenley  administration didn’t succeed to arrest anyone for the killing of the parliamentarian.